Wearable Space Bubble

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What is the Wearable Space Bubble

The Wearable Space Bubble is an IoT project that harnesses the power of Bluetooth devices to give you more personal space! Check out the definitely real commercial below!

The Space Bubble uses Bluetooth protocols to detect nearby Bluetooth devices, and then estimate their distance to the wearer. If a new Bluetooth Device is detected within the space bubble it activates a warning siren telling them to move away! In this case, the sound chosen was "Can't Touch This" by MC Hammer. If a device is detected getting close to the user, LEDs on the user's jacket will light up warning them to step away.

Device Architecture

This device utilizes an ESP32 microcontroller, a NeoPixel LED Ring, and an Adafruit Sound FX board and guitar amplifier. The ESP32 performs Bluetooth sensing and sampling, and activates the LED ring and Sound FX board when your space bubble is violated!

The LED Ring is controlled using PWM (Pulse Width Modulation), you can learn more about PWM on the Arduino page!

The Adafruit Sound FX board is activated with a digital output pin on the ESP, and can be set to play multiple sounds. At first, I wanted to store the sound files on the ESP32, but when I compressed them to fit available memory I found the quality dropped too much to be usable. Here's a great project from Hackaday on storing WAV files on an ESP32.

Next Steps