Summer 2021

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These policies are subject to change at any time without notice. Starting May 17th, and for the duration of Summer 2021, the Idea Shop will be offering services to IPROs and time sensitive campus projects only. IPROs may submit files for fabrication or make appointments for the Assembly Area as described below. All other individuals should submit requests in email to ideashop[at]iit[dot]edu.

For research groups, or other classes which have time sensitive requests for remote file submissions, please contact us via email. Requests may be accepted based on Idea Shop's capacity.

All other users are encouraged to check back at the beginning of Fall Semester!


  • The Grainger Maker Space will remain closed to in-person use for the Summer 2021 semester, and the Assembly Area will be open to in-person use by appointment only for IPROs. Make a Reservation Only users who have completed a safety training can currently reserve work time in the Assembly Area. More information regarding safety training here: Safety Training


Do I need to take another safety training for the Assembly Area for Summer 2021?

If you currently have a valid safety training for the Assembly Area you do not need to take the online safety training quizzes.

What remote prototyping services are available from the Idea Shop?

Below are the currently available remote prototyping services being offered by the Idea Shop:

Can I submit personal projects for fabrication?

We are not accepting personal projects for fabrication during the Summer 2021 semester.

User Priorities


IPRO Students

If you are currently enrolled in an IPRO class, you may submit work / files to for all services listed above.

Non-IPRO Students

If you are not currently enrolled in an IPRO class, please contact us before submitting your fabrication request. Acceptance / completion of requests is subject to availability of staff.

Illinois Tech Staff / Faculty / Research Groups

Faculty involved with time sensitive research projects may contact the Idea Shop with their inquires. You will be informed via email if your job has been accepted for processing and given a rough time estimate. An additional fee may be assessed to cover labor costs.