Specifics for Laser Cutting

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When using the Epilog Laser, your drawing MUST fit in an 18"x24" bed. This can be accomplished by rotating the object or scaling down. Please see Basic Commands for commands you may find helpful accomplishing this.

Our laser cutter does specific cuts that depends on the color of the layer:

  • Yellow - Cuts first. This is smart for cutting small, internal objects; in the case of the board being shifted during cutting, it's easiest to save a cut if you do small chunks first and shift larger parts over.
  • Pink - Cut last. This is for any large objects or for a general cut.
  • Red - Raster. This "shades in" a selected area. If only a line is selected, the line may be rastered if given a thickness.
  • Blue - Score Deep. This makes a deep cut in the object, but will not cut all the way through the material.
  • Green - Score Shallow. This makes a small cut that does not cut all the way through the material.