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ShopSabre 4896 in the Idea Shop Prototyping Lab

About ShopSabre

The Shop Sabre is a 3-Axis CNC Router and is the machine of choice for cutting large parts quickly and accurately.

General Stats:
Material : MDF, Plywood, OSB, Wood, Foam.
Maximum Part Size : 203mm x 203mm x 152mm (8in x 8in x 6in)


Main Article : Processing UPrint Plus Files
Good STL in Netfabb

RhinoCam is the software used to create toolpaths for the ShopSabre, and is available on every computer in the IdeaShop. If you do not have much experience using Rhinoceros or RhinoCam, have a staff member help walk you through the process, since it can be tedious. Before creating a toolpath, feel free to use AutoCad to create the 2D geometry you wish to cut out since DWG files from AutoCad can be opened and used to create toolpaths in Rhinoceros. After creating and opening a file in Rhinoceros, double check the geometry and delete any duplicate lines or points. Join the remaining lines to create one solid geometry. Once you have your final geometry, you can begin creating your toolpath. If you are familiar with this process, go ahead and create the toolpath. If you are new to this process, have a staff member come and assist you. If you create the toolpath without a staff member, before you generate the G-Code, have a staff member double check all the settings and parameters you set for your toolpath.

Fixing a File

Main Article : Fixing STLs

Post Processing

"Main Article : Preparing a File to Print"

Once a file has been processed and is ready to be printed, find a shop supervisor to help add it to the queue. The length of the queue is highly variable, and the time it takes to print a model may range from a few days to being ready by the end of the day it is submitted. Keep in mind that the UPrint queue is very full during finals, midterms, and the time surrounding IPro Day. An estimate of queue length and a time to come pick up the part will be communicated to you once your part is added to the queue.

Printing a Part

"Main Article : Printing a Part"

Once a part is successfully in the queue, it is ready to be printed. The average part takes about 2 hours to print, while a very complex part could take full days to print. The webcam livestream on the IdeaShop wiki can be used to check the progress of your part.

Cleaning Parts

"Main Article : Removing and Cleaning a Part"
The chemical bath used to clean support material off of printed models.

Once the model has been successfully created, it is removed from the printer and separated from the printing tray base. From here, it is placed in a chemical bath in order to remover the support material in a way that does not affect the model. Please allow 1-3 hours for the model to sit in the bath, depending on the complexity of the model, in order to successfully remove all support material. Once this process is complete, the part is ready to be picked up by the creator.