Sewing Machines

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Singer 4423 Heavy duty sewing machine available in the Idea Shop.


Sewing machines use thread to stitch together pieces of fabric.

General Stats:
Material : Fabric, Vinyl, Leather, Paper.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Main Article : Strengths and Weaknesses
  • Joining material together
  • Making decorative stitched patterns
  • Faster than hand sewing
  • Only work for soft materials
  • Some material is lost in seams

Using the Singer 4423 sewing machine

To use the Singer 4423 Heavy Duty sewing machine see the Singer Quick Start Guide

SingerQuickStartGuidePage1.png SingerQuickStartGuidePage2.png

Machine Proficiency

In order for an individual to advance in machine proficiency they must demonstrate ability to perform certain actions or tasks. All levels include abilities and concepts from lower levels.

This section is primarily for student workers.

Level 0

Individual has demonstrated they are capable of:

  • Turning on the sewing machine
  • Using the foot control
  • Raising and lowering the machine foot
  • Threading the needle

Individual understands the concepts:

  • Right and wrong sides
  • How to sew fabric with right sides together
  • Trimming threads
  • Fabrics that can be easily sewn
  • Top and bobbin thread
  • Seam allowance

Level 1

Individual has demonstrated they are capable of:

  • Threading the sewing machine
  • Winding a bobbin
  • Changing the bobbin thread
  • Using pins to hold fabric together
  • Keeping consistent seam allowance

Individual understands the concepts:

  • When pins are needed
  • Proper pinning technique
  • Different kinds of thread and fabric
  • When to use hand or machine sewing

Level 2

Individual has demonstrated they are capable of:

  • Changing the sewing machine foot
  • Sewing with difficult fabrics
  • Using the free arm
  • Fixing a rat's nest

Individual understands the concepts:

  • Different kinds of sewing machine feet
  • Kinds of machine needles
  • How to set up a machine to sew with difficult fabrics
  • Machine tension
  • How to measure and cut fabric taking seam allowances into account

Level 3

Individual has demonstrated they are capable of:

  • Adjusting the tension
  • Cleaning the Machine

Individual understands the concepts:

  • Checking the tension
  • The cause of rat's nests
  • Clipping curves
  • Determining the order in which to sew