Sending a File to the Laser

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How your print screen should look before sending a file to the laser

1. Select the “Print” button from the top left corner.
2. Make sure the “Epilog Laser/Engraver” is the selected printer.
3. Change any other settings so that the that the print screen matches the picture to the right.
4. Click the “Select Window” button to select whichever 18”x24” rectangle contains your part.
 a. Plot Area > “Window<”
 b. You will be brought back to the drawing screen.
 c. Select the top left corner and the bottom right corner of the rectangle itself. Do not simply select an arbitrary area containing your part.
5. Make sure the plot scale ratio is set to 1:1
 a. Plot scale > Scale:
6. Select “Preview…” and make sure everything including the layer colors looks correct.
7. Click “OK” to send your file to the laser queue.
See Prepping the Laser when you are finished.