Sending a File to the Laser

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How your print screen should look before sending a file to the laser

First, make sure your file fits in our 18in x 24in grid. To send a file to the laser, click the print icon at the top of the program. The page that appears next should match the screen pictured to the right. If it does not, change the appropriate settings so that it does. Once the settings are correct, select window, as circled in the example screenshot. Selecting window will bring you back to the drawing screen. From here, select the top left corner, and the bottom right corner of the entire bed you are going to cut. Do not just select the part you are going to cut, select the entire 18" x 24" bed. Once this is selected, make sure that plot scale ratio is 1:1, select print preview. If everything looks correct with the cut, including all of the geometry being set to the correct color layer. After double checking the preview, select print. This will send the file to the computer by the laser cutter.