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Machine Details

Safety Instructions


Safety Instructions:

  • Always wear eye protection when using a belt/disc sander.
  • Remove ties, ring, watch and other jewelry, and roll up sleeves before using the belt/disc sander.
  • Make all adjustment on the belt/disc sander with the power OFF.
  • Make sure the sand belt or disc is not torn or loose before using the sander.

Active Use

  • Always hold the work firmly when sanding.
  • Always use the backstop when belt sander is in the horizontal position.
  • Never wear gloves or hold work with a rag when sanding.
  • Do not sand pieces of material that are too small to be safely supported.
  • Avoid awkward hand positions where a sudden slip could cause a hand to move into the sanding belt or disc.
  • When sanding a large work piece, provide additional support at table height.
  • Do not sand with the work piece unsupported. Support the work piece with the backstop or table. The only exception is curved work performed on the outer sanding drum.

Clean Up

  • Always turn the machine off and disconnect the cord from the power source before installing or removing accessories or when making repairs
  • Never leave the machine work area when the power is on or before the machine has come to a complete stop.
  • Shut off power and clean the sander and work area before leaving the area.


Best Practices

  • Do not use on stock that needs to be completely flat and smooth (use a jointer or planer).
  • Typically not recommended for use on smaller areas or where surfaces must remain flat - use a sanding block.
  • Use clamps when necessary to secure work for more consistent results and less slipping.