Safety Training

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Idea Shop Safety Training here:

In order to access this form you must be signed into your Illinois Tech Google Account.


Safety Quizzes

In order to complete their safety training, users must watch the training video and complete the safety quizzes assigned to them. Users will receive an email with quiz information, but users can also access this information at any time via the Safety Quizzes page of this website.


I watched the Fall 2020 Video Training but it says I haven't?

You must watch the video on this page: You must be logged in with your IIT credentials. You cannot fast-forward through the video, watch it at increased speed, mute the video, or have the tab minimized - if you do any of these things it will not register that you've watched the video. If you are still having problems contact the Idea Shop staff at

I've completed my safety quizzes during Spring 2020, do I need to do anything?

We have updated our policy to implement COVID precautions. We recommend you watch the comprehensive safety video here: This video includes the new policies implemented to keep shop users and staff safe during the COVID pandemic (skip to time 13:47 for COVID policies).

If you would like more clarification on this please contact Idea Shop staff.