Interprofessional Projects (IPRO) Program

Since 1995 Illinois Tech’s IPRO Program has provided the alternative to a traditional undergraduate education. Our signature IPRO Program remains one of just a few programs of its kind in the country. IPRO joins students from various majors to work together to solve real-world problems, often on behalf of sponsor companies and nonprofits. A required academic program, IPRO teaches leadership, creativity, teamwork, design thinking, and project management—uniquely preparing students to succeed in a professional work environment.

IPRO: A Case Study

IPRO student teams have explored a range of ambitious topics. These include developing a platform for safe drug disposal, designing a net-zero community, harvesting condensate from HVAC systems to create drinking water for humans, and hundreds more. In one course (see video), students developed multiple creative solutions to address a physical condition. 

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