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Sign Up for Idea Shop Safety Training here: https://forms.gle/CxPBc49Q1uV55eQE9

In order to access this form you must be signed into your Illinois Tech Google Account.


In Person Training

In person safety trainings will encompass the Grainger Maker Space, KI 127, and the Janet and Craig Duchossios Idea Shop, KI 116. Trainings will last approximately 90 minutes.

Beginning Spring 2020 all safety trainings will be scheduled as follows:
During academic weeks 1-4, safety trainings will be every day of the week.
During academic weeks 6,8,10,12, and 14, safety trainings will be two days per week.

Classes or departments may request safety trainings outside of scheduled times.

Safety Quizzes

No sooner than 7 days after in person training, users will be assigned a safety quiz. Users will receive an email with quiz information, but users can also access this information at any time via the Safety Quizzes page of this website.


The safety training time I wanted is no longer available. What should I do?

Individuals should sign up using this Google Form to secure a spot, however walk-ins will be accepted during scheduled times assuming there is sufficient space. **Note that there are usually at least one (1) no-show to each safety training, especially in the mornings. Please see the calendar below for currently scheduled safety trainings.

Individual students unable to attend scheduled safety trainings should contact Idea Shop staff via email ideashop[at]iit[dot]edu.

What happens if I show up late?

Do to the nature of the new safety training, users who arrive more than five (5) minutes late to a safety training will miss hands on tool use. Therefore if you arrive more than five (5) minutes late you will need to sign up for a new time slot.

I was safety trained before Spring 2020, why do I have to do another?

In addition to redistributing equipment between the different Idea Shop spaces, hands on tool use is now an integral part of the safety training for the Maker Space. Since it is impossible for us to know all of our users power tool experience we require the baseline of our general safety training.

As we know this is a major shift for our safety policy, we are allowing the following:

  • All users with a general safety training before Spring 2020 will be granted a grace period until academic week 5 of the Spring 2020 semester.
  • Any users who had previously completed both Idea Shop General Safety Trainings will be allowed to keep a valid training for the Assembly Area, KI 116, assuming they successfully complete the assigned Safety Quiz for that space.

If you would like more clarification on this please contact Idea Shop staff.