Safety Quizzes

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Visit to take your assigned safety quizzes. Instructions for the quizzes are outlined below.

How To


In order to log into the Idea Shop Safety Quizzes:
Visit the Idea Shop Portal Site
Login in with your Illinois Tech Google Account. New users may be asked to register. If you encounter issues please see staff for assistance.

Machine Specific Answers

All of the answers to the quiz questions can be found on our website. The Power Tools <> page is a good starting point, from their you can find the main page for each power tool.


The information on the quiz was not covered in the safety training?

All information on the quizzes should be covered. The safety training may just mention that the answer to a question is on our website. These quizzes are not designed to be difficult. If you need assistance please see an Idea Shop staff member.

If you would like to view our safety training scripts or user agreement click here:

Machine specific pages also contain the answers to the safety quiz questions.

My training was invalidated because of too many quiz attempts. What should I do?

Some users may be required retake all or part of the safety training. Some users may be granted additional quiz attempts. Contact Idea Shop staff via email at ideashop[at]iit[dot]edu to discuss options.

The email I received said there is no limit on the quizzes, but a warning showed up saying I was reaching the maximum number of attempts.

Unfortunately, it became apparent shortly after launching the quizzes that the concept of unlimited number of attempts would not be feasible / ensure a safe work environment due to the guess and check brute force approach.

The quizzes are now limited based on the campus wide average number of attempts to pass and standard deviation of attempts to pass.

How any attempts does it usually take to pass a quiz?

As of 02/05/2020 the average is 2.8 attempts. 95% of users pass the quiz within 6 attempts.

I get an error when using the safety quiz application.

We apologize for the inconvenience. This is a new system and there are several bugs which we did not anticipate before going live February 3rd, 2020.

If you encounter an error, please send an email to ideashop[at]iit[dot]edu and our staff will respond as soon as possible.

Why do I have multiple assigned versions of the same quiz?

Users are assigned a safety quiz for each valid safety training in the database. It is possible you retook a safety training or accidentally double tapped your ID at the Idea Shop kiosk when safety trainings were being entered.

If you would like clarification on which quizzes you need to take, please see Idea Shop staff or contact us via email.

If I can take the quiz multiple times, why is guess and check a violation of the Idea Shop User Agreement?

The purpose of the quiz is to validate users retention of important safety and operational information.

Attempting to brute force through the quiz via a guess and check method circumvents the purpose. Idea Shop staff will have to assume you did not retain the critical information and you will be required to take the in person training again.

If you do not remember an answer to a question, that is okay. All of the answers are on this site. Alternatively you can ask Idea Shop staff for assistance.