Roland LPX-600

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3D Scanner in the Idea Shop Prototyping Lab

About Roland LPX-600

The Roland LPX-600 is the IdeaShop's 3D scanner. The scanner will create a point cloud or mesh of any object.

General Stats:
Output File Types : LPX, STL, GSF, 3DM
Max Scanning size of 254 mm (10") in diameter and 406.4 mm (16") in height
Precision up to 0.2 mm scanning-pitch

Setting up a Scan

To set up a scan, first secure your item in the scanner using our pre-supplied putty. Open up Dr.PICZA3 on the IdeaShop laptop and click SCAN. Choose your preferred scanning option; both have a variety of different scanning settings

  • Rotary Scan - Used for spherical and cylindrical objects
    • Circumferential - How far of a spin do you want?
    • Height - How tall is the object?
    • Circumferential Pitch - Distance between scan points as the object spins.
    • Height-direction Pitch - Distance between vertical scan points
  • Plane Scan - A More general scan
    • Surfaces to Scan - Sets the number of scanning surfaces.
    • Height - How tall is the object?
    • Width - How wide is the object?
    • Offset Amount- Displacement from the center of the plane.
    • Pitch - Distance between scan points.

After these, you will receive an estimated measurement time and size of the file. The pitches may be adjusted to change these as needed.