Roland LPX-600

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3D Scanner in the Idea Shop Prototyping Lab

About Roland LPX-600

The Roland LPX-600 is the IdeaShop's 3D scanner. The scanner will create a point cloud or mesh of any object.

General Stats:
Output File Types : LPX, STL, GSF, 3DM
Max Scanning size of 254 mm (10") in diameter and 406.4 mm (16") in height
Precision up to 0.2 mm scanning-pitch

Setting up a Scan

To set up a scan, first secure your item in the scanner using our pre-supplied putty. Open up Dr.PICZA3 on the IdeaShop laptop and click SCAN. Choose your preferred scanning option; both have a variety of different scanning settings

  • Rotary Scan - Used for spherical and cylindrical objects
    • Circumferential - Input the amount of rotation you want for the measurement.
    • Height - Input how tall the object is.
    • Circumferential Pitch -Input the desired distance between scan points as the object spins.
    • Height-direction Pitch - Input the desired distance between vertical scan points.
  • Plane Scan - A more general scan
    • Surfaces to Scan - Sets the number of scanning surfaces.
    • Height - Input the height of the object.
    • Width - Input the width of the object.
    • Offset Amount- Input the displacement from the center of the plane.
    • Pitch - Input the distance between scan points.

After these, you will receive an estimated measurement time and size of the file. The pitches may be adjusted to change these as needed.

After you Scan

A Completed 3D Scan

Once the initial scan is complete, Rotary Scans have the option to rescan a desired area. For this option, click SCAN and choose the RESCAN option. Once the model fits your needs, go to [FILE] - [EXPORT] and save the file as the file type you need.