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If you have already been safety trained and would like to make a reservation to work in the Assembly Area, click here.

Only users who have previously completed a safety training can currently reserve work time in the Assembly Area (For new users, to complete a safety training see the Safety Training page on this website)

Step by Step Instructions

Check that you've passed your safety trainings

Step 1. Click to Enlarge

1. Your home screen should show that you've passed all of your safety trainings and are ready to make a reservation.

Click "Make A Reservation" on the top left toolbar

Step 2. Click to Enlarge

1. Your toolbar is your key to success, watch the safety training video, take your quizzes, and make reservations here.

Make A Reservation

Step 3. Click to Enlarge

1. Select the type of reservation you will require. 2. If you are making a team reservation you can add up to three people - they must be safety trained too! Add their email when registering so our staff knows how many people to expect in the Assembly Area during your reservation. 3. If you are making any other kind of reservation do not bring your friends. This time is just for you and your project. Remain in your reserved area as much as possible. 4. Select the time and date you will be working in the Assembly Area and submit your reservation.


Step 4. Click to Enlarge

1. Your will see a green bar confirming your reservation! You're good to go, we will see you during your reserved time.