Removing and Cleaning a Part

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The cleaning process varies for each printer.


Once printing is complete, the part is removed from the printer and placed in a chemical bath to remove any extra, uncured resin. Some parts may also require post-curing to stabilize the component. Please allow 1-2 hours for post-printing treatment. Afterwards, the student will be responsible for removing supports; any marks left by the supports may be sanded away.

uPrint Plus

Once the model has been successfully created, it is removed from the printer and separated from the printing tray base. From here, it is placed in a chemical bath in order to remover the support material in a way that does not affect the model. Please allow 1-3 hours for the model to sit in the bath, depending on the complexity of the model, in order to successfully remove all support material. Once this process is complete, the part is ready to be picked up by the creator.

zPrinter 450

After the part has been successfully printed, it is ready to be removed and cleaned. If a part is sturdy, one of the shop supervisors will clean the part. If the part has a high chance of failure, the creator of the part must remove and clean the part. To remove the part, the bed is raised and the powder surrounding the part is removed using the built in vacuum. Once the part is mostly free of powder and can be picked up, it is placed into the chamber to the right of the printing bed, and compressed air is used to remove the remaining dust. If the creator of the part does not wish to infiltrate the part, this is the end of the process and the creator is free to take the part.