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==Laser Cuts==
==Laser Cuts==
#First, download the template below.  
#First, download the template below. [[File:epilog laser.dwt | Epilog Laser Template]]
[[File:epilog laser.dwt | Epilog Laser Template]]
#Create or import your geometry into the template. Make sure to move your lines to the appropriate layers. Save your file as a DWG.  
#Create or import your geometry into the template. Make sure to move your lines to the appropriate layers. Save your file as a DWG.  
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From Saturday June 16th, 2018 through Sunday July 1st, 2018, the Idea Shop will be closed to general student use. However, we understand that students enrolled in summer classes will still need to use our 3D-Printing and Laser Cutting services. Because of this, we have set up a system to allow students to be able to remotely submit their files for processing. Once received, our staff will print or cut the files and notify you once your parts are ready for pick up (this may take a couple of days).


Summer 2018 IPRO Students

If you are currently enrolled in an IPRO class, you may submit files for both 3D printing and laser cutting. See the steps below for more details.

Summer 2018 Non-IPRO Students

If you are not currently enrolled in an IPRO class, you may only submit files for 3D printing, all other files will not be accepted. See the steps below for more details.

Staff / Faculty / Others

This process is intended for students enrolled in classes only. If you are not enrolled in a summer class, you will have to wait until we reopen on Monday July 2nd, 2018 to process your parts/files.

3D Prints


Email ideashop[at]iit.edu with your attached STL or VRML file. For each attached file include the following information:

  • Class number / name
  • Filename
  • Which printer you would like to use.
  • Color / Material (if applicable depending on printer).
  • The file dimensions and units.


IPRO 497-123
Test.stl (attached)
uPrint Plus
Black ABS Plastic
25mm x 50mm x 100mm (X, Y, Z)

Arch 436
Arch-436.stl (attached)
zPrinter 450
2.5in x 5.0in x 10.0in (X, Y, Z)

Arch 436
Arch-436-color.vrml (attached)
zPrinter 450
25mm x 50mm x 100mm (X, Y, Z)


Main Article : Processing 3D Files

Upon receipt of your email Idea Shop staff will review your files in Autodesk NetFabb. If your file does not qualify as a good STL as explained here, your part will not be printed. Reviewing the Fixing STLs page before you send your file will reduce the time taken to process your file.

Wall Thickness

We have a recommended minimum wall thickness for each of our printers. To pass a NetFabb wall thickness test your part must be less than 5 percent of surface area below the minimum thickness threshold. The minimum wall thickness for:

  • uPrint - 1 mm
  • Form2 - 1 mm
  • Objet Eden - 0.6 mm
  • zPrint - 2mm

If your part fails the wall thickness tests, but you would still like to process and print the part, you must submit a consent statement including your name, class number / name, total cost, knowledge of potential failure and A-number.


I, John Doe A12345678, understand that the part that I wish to print for my class IPRO 497-XXX fails to meet minimum 1 mm wall thickness requirements for the Uprint machine. Having this in mind, I still wish to print the part as is and will accept the full cost of the part ($10.00) regardless of if it successfully prints or not.


If your class / research project has a budget approved by the Idea Shop Lab Manager you will need to send a consent statement including the total cost, your name, class number / name, and A Number.

For all other scenarios you will be asked to pay via the Idea Shop Touchnet credit card store. Once payment is complete you must forward your receipt to ideashop[at]iit.edu. Your part will not be added to the queue until we have received your receipt.


Now that payment is complete your part will be added to the queue. You will received further communication via email when your part is ready.

Laser Cuts

  1. First, download the template below. File:epilog laser.dwt
  2. Create or import your geometry into the template. Make sure to move your lines to the appropriate layers. Save your file as a DWG.
  • Yellow - Cut First will cut all of these lines before moving on to any other lines
  • Pink - Cut Last will cut all of these lines after all of the other lines have been completed
  • Red - Raster will lightely etch on the surface of the material
  • Green - Score Shallow will only cut 25% of the way through the material
  • Blue - Score Deep will only cut 50% of the way through the material
  1. Send an email to ideashop[at]iit.edu with your DWG file and include the following information for each file:
  • Class number / name
  • Filename
  • Material / Thickness / Color

Part Pick-Up

Once your job has been completed you will be contacted via email. Part pick-up times are at the discretion / availability of the Idea Shop / IPRO staff.

When picking up your part:

  • You must have your IIT Hawkcard for pick-up.
  • If another individual is picking up your job you must specify that person as an alternate pick-up via email. This individual must bring their IIT Hawkcard for pick-up.