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How Can I Purchase Materials from the Idea Shop?

Currently the Idea Shop offers two purchasing options:

  • BuyIt: Illinois Tech's procurement system, for interdeparmental purchases (IPRO, Research, etc.)
  • Touchnet: Illinois Tech's credit card sales system. Note: Illinois Tech PCards should not be used to buy items through Touchnet.



Building a Cart

Scroll through the catalog until you spot your material.

Checkout / Reassignment

Once you are done building a cart, proceed to the checkout page. You will need to know:

  • FOAP number

Blanket Orders

Create a blanket order.

Departments can set up a blanket order in advance to minimize requisition times or to allow for in-person material purchases.

Blanket order: Important fields.
Important fields to note
  • Description should contain specific information such as: class number, team name, research group name, etc.
  • Blanket orders should explicitly list the individuals who are allowed to spend against the blanket order in the Details section. If an individual is not listed in the details section we will not allow them to buy materials in-person against the blanket order.
  • Please uncheck Hide Amount from Supplier which is enabled by default. Hiding the amount makes it harder for us to keep teams from over spending.
  • The Available To field enables BuyIt users to create requisitions / purchase orders against the blanket order.



Building a Cart


Order Status / Item Pickup