Processing 3D Files

From ProtoLab Wiki

In order to be able to print anything in our 3D printers, your file MUST be in .stl format. The STL format describes only the surface geometry of the object instead of the object as a whole. Once done, open the file in the Autodesk Netfabb software to repair the file.

We will only process STLs which have:
1 shell per continuous part
0 border edges
0 invalid orientations
0 holes

See Fixing STLs for more information.

Even if Netfabb reports no invalid orientations, if we see red triangles in repair mode there is a problem with your model. Print at your own risk.

Once your STL is ready to go and free of errors, ask an employee to assist you in setting up your print bed and sending your job to the 3D printing queue.