Planer Saw

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Planer Saw

A thickness planer is a woodworking machine used to trim boards to a consistent thickness. As stock is fed through the machine, cylindrical blades shave off a specified amount of material from the stock to achieve a flat finish.

The planer can be used to smooth/resurface the face of a piece of wood, reducing warping on a board (reduces twisting, warping, or tapering by shaving down all wood above a specified thickness), or to trim boards down to a consistent thickness and flatness across their length

The maximum stock dimensions our planer can accommodate is stock up to 6" tall and 13" wide. The minimum length for planable stock is 10". Shorter pieces of wood may be planed at the discretion of Idea Shop staff by attaching the desired piece of wood on top of a longer sheet of wood with double sided tape before pushing it through the machine.

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