Miscellaneous Hand Tools

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Miscellaneous and specialty hand tools.

Nail gun

Nail Gun

A nail gun is a tool that forces a nail through an object, usually used to conjoin both objects together with the use of some force, for example, compressed air. This is a fast easy way to conjoin two objects; however, this is more of a temporary joiner, another adhesive or locking method should be used.

How to use

First, the proper nails should be fitted in the canister, the length of the nail should be chosen so that the nail pierces through material one and two, but not going all the way through material two. Once, this is done, add the nails to the canister: note that the nails must face the proper direction. Then connect the nail gun to the compressed air hose, then position you material so that there is nothing directly under where the nail is going. Then fire away.


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