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Illinois Tech’s Idea Shop, housed in the Kaplan Institute, helps to ignite ideas with cutting-edge tools to enable students to transform their designs, products, and inventions into reality. In this state-of-the-art, rapid-prototyping lab, full-time staff and a diverse group of student workers advise users on equipment use, mechanical and electrical design, embedded systems programming, and much more. As a campus wide resource students can use the Idea Shop for a class, research project, or their own personal endeavor.

The Idea Shop is comprised of two spaces: The Grainger Maker Space, which houses our general shop tools, laser cutters, and CNC router, and the Janet & Craig Duchossois Idea Shop - also known as the Assembly Area - which houses our 3D printers, CAD and electronics workstations, and ample workspace and storage space.

Getting Started

First time users will need to take an online safety orientation. Users must abide by PPE requirements to enter the space.

Saturday December 3 2022
Stratasys F370 ABS 3D printer is online.
Stratasys J55 Polyjet 3D printer is online.
Flashforge PLA 3D printer is online.
Ender 3 Pro PLA 3D printer is online.
Epilog Helix laser cutter is online.
Epilog Fusion Pro dual source laser is online.
ShopSabre Pro 408 3-Axis CNC Router is online.
Roland 4-Axis CNC Mill is online.


This wiki serves as the operation manual and lab notebook for the Idea Shop Prototyping Lab. Use these pages to:

  • Understand the capabilities and limitations of the lab equipment.
  • Look up the properties of materials that can be worked in the lab.
  • Gain an overview of common methods - combinations of machines and materials - that are available in the lab.
  • Review the projects of other lab users.

This is a site built by lab staff. If you would like to get more information about visiting and using the Prototyping Lab, please contact us at