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The IdeaShop has a wide variety of machines available to fit all inventing needs. All machines require an initial safety training conducted as needed by IdeaShop staff.

Please see individual pages for more information on each piece of equipment.

Shop Tools

Hand Tools

Cutting Tools

For Hand Tools, we have:

Power Tools

Power Tools

For Power Tools, we have:

Plastic Forming

Sewing Equipment

Digital Fabrication Tools

3D Printers

Form 2
  • Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM)
    • uPrint Plus - Prints with ABS filament
    • Two Monoprice Minis - Prints with PLA filament. These are free for students to use!
  • Selective Adhesion
  • Selective Laser Adhesion
    • Form2 - Prints with liquid plastic cured with a UV laser

Laser Cutters

CNC Milling Machines

Shop Sabre

3D Scanner

Electronics Tools

Soldering Iron on Electronics Bench
  • Electronics Bench
    • Microcontrollers (for rent or purchase)
    • Oscilloscopes
    • Soldering Irons
    • Desoldering Tool
    • Step Up & Down Transformer
  • We also stock various electronic components available for purchase