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The Idea Shop has a wide variety of machines available to fit all inventing needs. All machines require an initial safety training conducted as needed by Idea Shop staff.

Please see individual pages for more information on each piece of equipment.

Hand Tools

For Hand Tools, we have:

  • Cutting Tools
    • General Use Scissors
    • Carbon Fiber Shears
    • Metal snips
    • X-Acto blades
    • Box Cutters
    • Chisels
    • A variety of hand saws, including hack saws, coping saws, American and Japanese pull saws
  • Fasteners and Fastening Tools
    • Screwdrivers in Phillips, flat, and torx in various sizes, including micro sets for electronics
    • Large and small socket sets
    • We have select amount of hardware is available for purchase
  • Pliers and Gripping Tools
    • Various types and sizes of pliers, including needle nose and bull nose pliers
    • Vise Grips
    • Benchtop vises
Examples of cutting tools

Power Tools

Power Tools

For Power Tools, we have:

Digital Fabrication

3D Printers

Form 2

We have three 3D-printers available for use:

  • The Form2, which prints using liquid plastic cured with a UV laser
  • The uPrint Plus, which prints using plastic filament
  • The zPrinter, which prints using layers of plaster

Laser Cutters

Form 2

Our laser cutter, the 'Epilog Laser and Engraver, has the ability to cut, engrave, and raster a wide variety of materials.

CNC Milling Machines

Shop Sabre

There are two CNC machines available:

  • The Roland 4-Axis cuts smaller objects and allows for rotating an object as it cuts
  • The ShopSabre 3-Axis can cut large sheets, but only in 3 dimensions

3D Scanner

3D Scanner

There is also a 3D Scanner available for use.

Electronics Bench

Soldering Iron on Electronics Bench

At the Ideashop Electronics Bench we have equipment such as Microcontrollers, Oscilloscopes, Soldering Irons, a Desoldering Tool, and a Step Up & Down Transformer.

Vacuum Former

The Formech 686Vacuum Former enables users to heat a variety of materials, such as ABS or plastic, to make a mold of an object.

Sewing Equipment

Explore our Sewing Equipment! Sewing Machines use thread to stitch together pieces of fabric, and Embroidery Machines use special stitch files to create thread designs on fabric.