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The IdeaShop has a wide variety of machines available to fit all inventing needs. All machines require an initial safety training conducted as needed by IdeaShop staff.

Please see individual pages for more information on each piece of equipment.

Hand Tools

For Hand Tools, we have:

Power Tools

3D Printers

We have three 3D-printers available for use:

  • The Form2, which prints using liquid plastic cured with a UV laser
  • The uPrint Plus, which prints using plastic filament
  • The zPrinter, which prints using layers of plaster

Laser Cutters

Our laser cutter, the 'Epilog Laser and Engraver, has the ability to cut, engrave, and raster a wide variety of materials.

CNC Milling Machines

There are two CNC machines available:

  • The Roland 4-Axis cuts smaller objects and allows for rotating an object as it cuts
  • The ShopSabre 3-Axis can cut large sheets, but only in 3 dimensions

3D Scanner

There is also a 3D Scanner available for use.

Electronics Bench

Vacuum Former

Sewing Equipment