Line Bender

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Line Bender

The Line Bender is a machine that is used to shape pieces of plastic. Together with a matching cooling jig, both tools are used in conjunction to heat then bend pieces of plastic or acrylic at precise angles.

General Stats:
Material : Acrylic, ABS, PETG, HIPS
Maximum Part Width : 500mm / 19.7"€
Maximum Material Thickness : 10 mm /

Safety and Operation


  • Wear safety glasses at all times.
  • This machine is a fire hazard! Keep away from flammable materials, and never leave the machine unattended when actively heating plastic.
  • This machine gets hot! Use caution to avoid getting burned
  • The line bender uses 220V - ask a staff member which floor boxes have the appropriate hookup.

Active Use

Cooling Jig with plastic

Plug in the machine and be sure to clear the work area of debris and clutter. Turn on and preheat the machine - the line bender takes about 15 minutes to heat up fully. Once the machine has reached full temperature, place the plastic over the heated gap, and set the clamp onto your material. Users MUST remain physically and mentally present while heating material - left unattended, this machine is a fire hazard!

Heating can take anywhere from one minute to ten minutes, depending on the thickness and type of plastic you are working on. Some plastics such as polystyrene have a wide tolerance to heating times giving consistently good mouldings. Care must be taken with other materials such as ABS, as the surface will blister if the temperature limit is exceeded. Refer to the manual (located in the office) for specific heat settings and times.

Clean Up

Allow the machine to cool down fully before returning to the shelf.