Hand Saws

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Pull Saw

This saw's teeth only cut in one direction- hence, the cutting is performed in a pulling motion, resetting the saw after every pull. This saw is deceptively quick and can remove a lot of material in a short amount of time. Be careful not to harm or break the saw by trying to pull in both directions.

Pull Saw Placeholder Image

Coping Saw

This saw can be used to cut intricate interior and exterior shapes. Coping saws have removable replaceable blades- the blade can be removed, threaded through a piece, and then reattached in order to cut interior shapes.

Coping Saw Placeholder Image

Hack Saw

Hack Saw Placeholder Image

Razor Saw

Razor Saw Placeholder Image

Rope Saw

Rope Saw Placeholder Image

Wood Saw

Wood Saw Placeholder Image