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  • Lab use is limited to current students, faculty, and staff during posted operating hours or at the discretion of Idea Shop staff.
  • Violating the User Agreement or Safety Protocols will result in disciplinary action.
  • You must tap your ID to check in / out everytime you enter or exit the lab. We need to know who is present in the event of an emergency.
    • Show list of staff members on check in screen.
  • Explain Safety Poster (Personal Safety and NFPA Diamond)
  • All tool use requires prior authorization and safety training BEFORE use.
    • Staff will train you on each tool as needed.
    • Staff must always approve and supervise tool use unless machine specific safety training has been completed.
  • Safety Glasses are required for all tool and chemical use.
    • Various types of safety glasses / goggles can be found throughout the lab. *point out safety glasses throughout walkthrough*
    • Prescription eyeglasses are not safety glasses.
  • If you have any questions ask staff members. *show pictures on checkIn screen*
  • Walk Towards Laser Bay
  • Projects Storage area is available given prior approval.
  • Emergency Exit Locations
  • Lab Phones
    • In the event of an injury or emergency inform lab staff immediately. If needed lab phones have the contact information for public safety.
    • You do not need permission to use the lab phone in the event of an emergency.
  • Laser Cutters and Engravers
    • Two functions cutting part or all of the way through a material, or rastering or engraving to affect the surface finish / opacity.
    • Can cut most materials, not metal, and engrave almost any material including metal with the chemical aids.
    • Always ask before cutting an unknown material. Some materials like PVC can produce lethal fumes.
    • This machine is a fire hazard. You must stay near it when using it.
  • Fire Safety point out extinguishers throughout walkthrough
    • You do not need permission to use the fire extinguisher in the event of a fire.
  • Proper Cutting Techniques
    • Only cut on approved cutting surfaces. *cutting mats / HIPS tables* They are labeled as safe to cut on.
    • Only use approved cutting tools, no pocket knives. *Anecdotal story about student who cut through finger with pocket knife*
    • Always use a sharp clean blade.
    • Never cut towards another person or into a aisleway. *Anecdotal story about student stabbing another student in the forearm*
    • Use multiple lighter strokes when cutting to better control the blade.
    • Use a straight edge with a cutting guard whenever possible.
  • Supply Stations spread throughout the lab
    • Always return supplies and tools to the area in which they belong.
    • Leave the lab better than you found it.
    • Always inform staff when first aid supplies are needed / used. We need to know when something happened and we need to restock those supplies.
  • Walk Towards 3D Printer Bay

Form2 Selective Laser Adhesion (SLA), liquid plastic cured with UV laser High Resolution 25 microns/layer Resins start at $0.75/cm3, 5.7inx5.7inx6.9in max part size, slowest printer we have Multiple resins, clear, grayscale, durable, hi temp, flexible Needs UV / temperature post curing (baking) 3D Scanner 3D object to point cloud or mesh Good for organic shapes, or hard to cad shapes or item recreation Avg scan time 30 minutes per scan, able to rescan areas over and over again, runs for long periods unattended Generation Loss theorem, copy of a copy of a copy degrades over iterations

uPrint and Fortus Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) plastic filament printers Cheapest 3D Printer, $0.35/cm3, 8inx8inx6in max part size Soluble Support Material Can alter the internal density of parts zPrinter Selective Adhesion of plaster material High resolution 100 microns / layer, full range of color, fastest printer we have $0.55/cm3, 10inx8inx8in max part size Weak parts but can be hardened post printing. Minimum wall thickness of 2mm

  • Walk Towards Vacuum Former

Vacuum Former -- Show poster of common uses. Everyone hates clear blister packaging.

  • Walk Towards Roland 4-Axis
  • Yellow Tape on ground means safety glasses are required in this area (woodshop). Point out nearest safety glasses.
  • Roland 4-Axis
  • Subtractive vs Additive Manufacturing
    • Additive
      • Less wasted material
      • More complex geometry easily
      • Change material densities
      • Less of your time, usually more time for similar part.
    • Subtractive
      • Cheaper
      • Stronger parts
      • Wider array of materials
      • Requires more of your time, less time overall (usually)
    • 4-Axis gives another degree of freedom when creating a part.
    • Prototyping circuit boards, replicating the hand carved chess piece
  • Walk Towards Electronics Bay

Electronics Bay Oscilloscopes, power supplies, waveform generators, (de)soldering stations We stock basic electronic components, sensors, microcontrollers Computer programming / CAD stations

  • Walk Towards Woodshop*

Safety Glasses are required for all tool and chemical use. All tool use requires prior authorization and safety training BEFORE use. Power Lockout System Machine Specific Safety Training Blackboard Test -- 100% required to pass. Additional hands on safety training / verification with Patrick no sooner than 1 week after testing. Allows you to use tools without direct staff supervision. Drill Press, Bandsaws, Miter Saw, Scroll Saw, and Handheld Power Tools have machine specific safety training. Manual Hand tools require prior authorization. All tool use requires prior authorization and safety training BEFORE use. The biggest danger is using a tool other than how it is intended to be used. Classrooms and an additional emergency exits through the red doors.

  • Walk Towards ShopSabre 3-Axis*

Do not cross the yellow line while the machine is in operation. Commonly used for cutting 4x sheets of woods, plastics, foams, etc. Archie topo models, aero blended wing plane designs. Grinder, Panel Saw, Wood Lathe, Table Mounted Router Table Saw Students are not permitted to use the table saw. We do not have sawstop. You can be seriously injured.

  • Walk back to main entrance*

Office / Server Room and Material store are staff only areas. You may only enter when accompanied by staff. Display Shelves good example of the capabilities of the lab. Mention silicone and plastics casting.