Focusing the Laser

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There are two main ways of focusing the Epilog Laser Cutter.

Auto Focus

One option is to allow the machine to automatically focus itself.

Manual Focus

For difficult or extremely precise cuts, it is best practice to manually focus the laser.

  1. To begin, press the Focus button on the laser.* Once in focus mode, use the down arrow on the front of the Epilog machine to lower the bed. Make sure the bed is low enough to accommodate the material to be cut. See Advanced Manual Focus for irregularly shaped materials, or if you are having trouble cutting through your material.
  2. Once the bed has been lowered, load the material onto the bed of the laser cutter.
  3. Place the triangular focus tool (stored in the metal mesh cup near the monitor used to send files to the machine) onto the cutter head.
  4. Use the arrow buttons to raise the bed until the bottom tip of the tool just touches the material.
  5. Press the Reset button to return the machine to normal operating mode. The machine is now ready to be run.

*Advanced Manual Focus

For warped material, artwork placement not in the upper left quadrant, or irregularly shaped material, additional focusing may be necessary.

  1. After entering focus mode and after material has been loaded onto the bed (steps 1-2), press the X/Y OFF button, then press Enter. This allows the cutter head to move freely along both the X and Y axis.
  2. Move the cutter head to the center of your material or cutting location.
  3. Proceed with steps 3-5 as detailed above.