Fixing STLs

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Fixing stl files

stl stands for steroLithography, stl file format is an industry standard to print 3-D parts, and is the only file format that can be used at the Idea shop to 3-D print parts. stl file format contains only a surface of the 3-D part, unlike other common 3-D file formats that contain the texture, color, material properties and scale of the parts. In order for the printer to successfully print any part, the following features must be checked and fixed on Netfabb:

Number Of shells

When a part is opened on Netfabb, a pop up screen displays part name, part size and volume, number of triangles and shells, part quality, and finally scale factor. Any part that needs to be 3-D printed,must have just one shell , the number of triangles in a part varies depending on geometry and size of the part.

Surface thickness

If your parts needs to be printed on the z-printer, then it is important to make sure that the minimum part