Fall 2021

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These policies are subject to change at any time without notice.

Soft Open

August 23rd, 2021
Any users safety trained before Fall 2021
Assembly Area and Maker Space access (dependent on training completed)
Just come on by during our open hours. Remember you will need your Illinois Tech ID card to enter.
Not sure what training you've completed? Check here: FAQ

Full Open

September 7th, 2021
Assembly Area and Maker Space access (dependent on training completed)
New users (any current Illinois Tech student, staff, or faculty) will be able to begin the safety training process and begin using the Idea Shop (subject to completion of safety training).
Check out this page for more info about the safety training process: Safety Training


What is a soft open? Why is the full open in September? What does this mean for me?

The Idea Shop will be utilizing a soft open, which in our case means full services with a limited user base for the start of Fall 2021 semester. This allows us an opportunity to train our new staff (we have a lot this semester) and deploy our new safety training portal site.

Essentially anyone who already has a valid Idea Shop safety training is able to start using the shop immediately, however new users will need to wait a few weeks before they can begin the safety training process.

Do I need to take another safety training for Fall 2021?

If you currently have a valid safety training(s) you do not need to take another.

Where can I see my current safety trainings?

Currently you can see past safety trainings by logging into our portal site here: https://ideashop.iit.edu/portal

How can I sign up for a safety training?

We are launching our new safety training portal site in September 2021. See this page for more information: Safety Training

What remote prototyping services are available from the Idea Shop?

Idea Shop is no longer offering remote prototyping services now that most classes have resumed in-person operations.