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Canvas Fabric


Canvas is a durable, non-stretchy, woven fabric made from natural fibers. This medium weight fabric has little drape but holds its shape well.

The Idea Shop stocks canvas in black, grey, and natural.

Designed for ship sails, canvas is a great fabric for engineering applications.

Felt Fabric


Felt is a fabric made from fibers overlapping in no particular direction felted together. This makes felt weak along the direction of any given fiber.

The Idea Shop stocks medium weight, synthetic felt in a variety of colors.

The pockets between fibers make felt a spongy fabric great for shock, noise, and moisture absorption.


Vinyl fabric is a thin PVC sheet designed to be manipulated and sewn like fabric. Vinyl is sensitive to heat and should not be used in high heat applications or ironed.

Vinyl can come in a variety of colors and finishes, including clear.

Vinyl has a unique waterproof texture that sets it apart from other fabrics. Great for creating clear windows and protecting surfaces from spills.

Working with fabric

Fabric can be adhered together in many ways.


Sewing is great for connecting 2 pieces of fabric. The Idea Shop has Sewing Machines available for sewing projects.


Adhesives can be used join pieces of fabric or join fabric to other materials. A wide variety of adhesives can be used in textile applications but fabric specific adhesives may have additional benefits such as flexibility or machine washability. .


Fasteners such as screws, nails, or staples are best used when attaching fabric to other ridged materials