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=Frequently Asked Questions=
=Frequently Asked Questions=
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'''When is the shop open? Why isn't the shop open right now?'''
'''When is the shop open? Why isn't the shop open right now?'''

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Frequently Asked Questions

When is the shop open? Why isn't the shop open right now? The Ideashop hours are updated live, to see our hours refer to Hours. Sometimes the Makerspace must be closed due to changes in safety level: for example, if there is no Lab Manager present, the Makerspace cannot be open. Changes like these may mean our shop hours change- so always be sure to check our updated hours at the above link.

Do you have the material I am looking for? How much is it? How do I pay? To see the materials generally available for purchase at the shop and their prices, refer to Price sheet. Note, this page has three tabs, for Laser, Workshop, and Vacuum Former. Some materials, such as those located at our Electronics bench, do not yet have an online reference for stock and price. Please ask an employee for assistance with these materials.

The price for what you are buying can be calculated easily, as we provide the price per square foot along with general information of the material. The Ideashop uses Touchnet payment system for you to purchase materials paperlessly. See employee for assistance. Link for storefront below:


I want to use [Insert name of machine]. How do I know if I can use it today? Check our Main Page for machine status. Otherwise, some machines have specific use procedures. The Epilog Laser operates on a laser queue. The ShopSabre has its own reservation system, which requires a checked toolpath before making a time reservation.

How do I use [insert machine name here]? This Wiki has pages for all of our machines. These references cover the materials that can be used on them, the safety preparations and considerations for each machine, and the general knowledge of how to operate the machine. This is a good starting point. After reading the Wiki, please feel free to talk to an employee to walk you through machine usage if you have any questions! Most, if not all, material on the Wiki is covered in our safety training.