Drill Bits

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Tools that use driver bits

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Types of drill bits

Twist Bits

An example of a twist bits

Twist Bits are a general purpose drill bit. The tip of the bit cuts the material, while the flutes (spirals) remove the spent material from the hole and keep the bit straight. Most of the bits in the Idea Shop can be used across wood, metal, and acrylic -- be sure to adjust RPMs accordingly. When drilling into metal, be sure to use a lubricant.

  • Great all-purpose drill bit
  • Can drill through most materials, even some harder metals with the correct bit
  • Works best on smaller holes
  • Can dull easily if the correct strength of bit is not used

Forstner Bits

A forstner bit. Notice the cutting edges along the bottom and sides of the bit.

For making through holes in wood and other soft materials at varying depths with flat bottoms. One of this bits strong suits is pocketing. The shape of the drill bit allows it to cut smoothly and evenly through the material and leave a flat bottom when done.

  • Creates clean, flat bottom / flat sided holes
  • Easiest bit to use for pocketing holes
  • Slower to drill holes than spade bits

Hole Saw

A hole saw (twist bit in center for stability)

Cylindrical shaped saw. For making through holes in wood and other soft materials. Unlike a forstner bit or spade bit, hole saws only remove material along the kerf of the blade, leaving the user with a plug to fill the hole or use afterwards.

  • Creates a plug and a hole.
  • Comes in diameters up to 6"
  • Cut surfaces are smooth
  • Cannot drill pocketed holes. For through drilling only.
  • Can only drill to the depth of the saw
  • Can get plugged up with waste material if not cleared regularly (use peck drilling).

Spade Bit

Varying Sizes of Twist Bits

For making through holes in wood and other soft materials.

  • Faster than drilling with a forstner bit
  • Can bore partial holes
  • A lot of force is needed to use these
  • Produces rougher finishes in the material

Specialty Drilling

The Idea Shop stocks specialty bits for a wide variety of applications! We have bits for drilling:

  • Masonry
  • Metal (step bits and hardened bits)
  • Ceramic/glass
  • Deep holes (over 10")
  • Tiny diameters (under 1/16")
  • And more!

Ask a staff member for available specialty bits.