Disciplinary Action

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This is a working draft. Please see Idea Shop staff for more information. This section will contain the likely disciplinary recourse for various violations of the User Agreement or safety protocols. This list is not exhaustive and all disciplinary actions are subject to review by the appropriate departments within Illinois Institute of Technology.

Example situations will be given for scenarios.



Violation: "If an individual is found to be within the Idea Shop when Idea Shop personnel are not present or without the express written permission of Idea Shop personnel." This violation will result in revocation of access to the Idea Shop and the filling of an incident report.

Safety Equipment

Violation: "Repeated or flagrant violations of the use of required safety equipment." This violation will result in; re-certification of machine safety training, and individuals will be required to repeat the Idea Shop general safety training. This violation may result in; revocation of access to the Idea Shop, additional safety equipment training, and the filing of an incident report.

Example: Bob repeatedly uses power tools without wearing safety glasses after recieving multiple warnings from Idea Shop staff. Bob's Idea Shop access is temporarily revoked is required to re-certify on all machines and repeat the lab general safety training before his access will be reinstated.

Tool Usage

Machine Usage


Student Specific

Violations may be reported to the Dean of Students.

Staff and Faculty Specific

Violations may be reported to Human Resources.


Incubator Companies

Violations may result in termination of the Idea Shop Facility Use Agreement.