Circular Saw

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Handheld circular saw.

A circular saw is a power-saw using a toothed or abrasive disc or blade to cut different materials using a rotary motion spinning around an arbor. A circular saw is a tool for cutting many materials such as wood, masonry, plastic, or metal and may be hand-held or mounted to a machine. In woodworking the term "circular saw" refers specifically to the hand-held type and the table saw and chop saw are other common forms of circular saws. "Skil saw" has become a generic trademark for conventional hand-held circular saws. Circular saw blades are specially designed for each particular material they are intended to cut and in cutting wood are specifically designed for making rip-cuts, cross-cuts, or a combination of both.

Machine Details

Safety Instructions

Instructional Video:


  • Always wear eye protection when operating circular saws.
  • Tie up loose clothing and hair, and remove jewelry that could be pulled into the saw. Hearing protection is also recommended as saws are very loud and can lead to hearing loss.
  • Verify that the saw blade or abrasive cutting disc has a RPM rating ABOVE the saw RPM.
  • Do not over tighten the blade-locking nut.
  • Set the saw cutting depth as shallow as possible – avoid letting the blade protrude much below the stock being cut.
  • Make adjustments and change blades only when unplugged.
  • Do not use a saw that vibrates or appears unsafe in any way.
  • Do not cut materials without first checking for obstructions or other objects such as nails and screws.
  • Do not rip stock without using a wedge or guide clamped or nailed to the stock.
  • Make sure the stock will not fall and “bind” the circular saw – kickback can occur.

Active Use

  • Do not carry the saw with a finger on the trigger switch.
  • Do not hold or force the retracting lower guard in the open position.
  • Do not place hand under the shoe or guard of the saw.
  • Do not force the saw during cutting – forcing can cause kickback.
  • Do not overreach and make sure to keep proper footing and balance.

Clean Up

Cleaning Up afterwards.

  • Never set a circular saw down unless the blade has completely stopped.
  • Vacuum up all debris after cutting.

Best Practices

How to best use this machine. This is not safety it is best practices.