Chemical Protocols

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This page is under construction. This will outline the standard operating procedures for the use of chemicals within the Idea Shop. General Chemical Protocol Follow Safety Data Sheet (SDS) recommended use, and refer to SDS as primary source. If you have questions regarding the particular use of a chemical, review the SDS and contact an Idea Shop Employee.

Datasheets for a specific chemical can be found online at

Chemicals not supplied by the Idea Shop are not allowed in the Idea Shop spaces (Granger Maker Space, Duchossois Assembly Space), unless explicitly cleared by an Idea Shop manager on an individual basis. For the safety of yourself, other users of the space, and Idea Shop employees, do not bring your own chemicals to the lab.

Only use chemicals supplied by the Idea Shop.

Don’t mix chemicals together- unexpected side reactions can result in highly corrosive substances, toxic/deadly gases, or rapid exothermic reactions. These side effects can harm you, other users, and the space.

No spray chemicals

Clean reusable lab wear such as beakers THE RIGHT WAY. An uncleaned beaker can produce side reactions that will ruin your project or harm you. When cleaning beakers and other reusable containers, make sure that you dispose off the contents in the proper waste disposal. Failure to do so can result in damage to the maker space, unexpected side reactions, adverse environmental impact, and endanger yourself or other persons in the space.

Any chemicals requiring the use of a NIOSH respirator or forced air ventilation, such as a fume hood, are prohibited.

Any chemicals whose safety and data sheets recommend a job hazard analysis (JHA) be performed are restricted use. The user is responsible for completing the JHA. Chemicals will be disposed of in accordance with their SDS. There will be at least 1 chemical disposal per semester, or 3 per year.