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  • August 21st, 2020 TL;DR : The Idea Shop will open for in-person reservations for the Assembly Area September 8th, when in-person classes resume.
  • July 27th, 2020 TL;DR : For Fall 2020 the Grainger Maker Space - closed to in-person use; remote file submissions only. Duchossois Idea Shop Assembly Area - open to in-person use by appointment only. Safety training for the Assembly Area for new users will be online.
  • July 6th, 2020 TL;DR : The Idea Shop will continue to accept remote file submissions as outlined on this page, but is not able to reopen for in person use at this time. We anticipate this will remain the case for the remainder of Summer semester. Determinations on Fall semester operations are dependent on FY'21 budgets and staffing. At this time it is expected that the Idea Shop will continue to offer remote file submissions for the Fall semester. Updates to the Idea Shop COVID policy will be posted to this page.
  • June 3rd, 2020 TL;DR : In light of Illinois Tech’s steps to mitigate the effect of the pandemic, the Idea Shop reopening plan currently is as follows: At this time there are no plans to reopen either the Grainger Maker Space or the Duchossois Idea Shop (Assembly Area) to our users. As long as Chicago remains in recovery phase 3, Idea Shop will accept remote file submissions only for active classes, research groups, and to help to prepare the university for the fall semester. As with other service model shops on campus, fees for labor and materials may be assessed. Updates to the Idea Shop COVID policy will be posted to this page.
  • March 20th, 2020 TL;DR : The Idea Shop will remain completely closed during the Illinois "stay at home" order. Information regarding updated Idea Shop policies will be posted here once the order is lifted.
  • March 13th, 2020 TL;DR : With the university’s decision to move classes to an online format the Idea Shop will be changing policies and managing access. We have set up a system for students to remotely submit their prototyping needs for processing by Idea Shop staff. We are offering a number of remote services to students to assist with academic projects. Prototyping services through the Idea Shop may require more processing time than usual. Please contact us as soon as possible to discuss your needs with our staff and receive an estimated pickup date.

NEED TO KNOW: The Idea Shop COVID-19 Starter Pack

Is the Idea Shop closed?

As of May 23, 2022 the Grainger Maker Space will remain closed to in-person use for the Fall 2020 semester. However, the Idea Shop will offer prototyping services via remote file submissions to academic classes, research groups, and the Illinois Tech COVID-19 response.

When in-person classes resume on September 8th, 2020 the Assembly Area will be open to in-person use by appointment only. All additional relevant information can be found on this page.

Why is the Idea Shop not allowing in person use?

Based on the current recommendations of public health organizations and Illinois Tech, it is not possible to safely allow the Idea Shop's large user base to access the Maker Space and keep a low probability of disease transmission. When making these decisions we have consulted the COVID-19 shop policies and experiences of shops in many other universities. Fundamental concerns include lack of staffing, the large collection of shared equipment, the inability to maintain adequate social distancing, and preventing large gatherings of individuals. We will re-evaluate our policy as more information / recommendations become available from the public health community and Illinois Tech administration.

Do I need to take another safety training for the Assembly Area for Fall 2020?

If you currently have a valid safety training for the Assembly Area you do not need to take the online safety training quizzes. However you must watch the new safety training video, as it contains new COVID-specific information The link will be posted here before the beginning of the Fall semester.

What remote prototyping services are available from the Idea Shop?

Below are the currently available remote prototyping services being offered by the Idea Shop:

Is the idea shop open for research projects for Summer 2020?

The Idea Shop Assembly Area is open by reservation only for faculty and their research staff. Email Jeremy Alexis and Patrick Karina to arrange access. We do require reservations to ensure the space is sanitized and not over capacity.

At the moment only projects related to faculty research will be allowed to use the space in-person. It will not be open for general student use until September 8th as outlined on this page. For now and for the foreseeable future the Maker Space (machine shop area on the west side with table saw and CNC machine, etc) will use remote file submission only.

User Priorities


IPRO Students

If you are currently enrolled in an IPRO class, you may submit work / files to for all services listed below.

Non-IPRO Students

If you are not currently enrolled in an IPRO class, you may only submit files for services not provided by your academic department. Remote file acceptance under this category is lower priority compared to IPRO students and acceptance / completion is subject to availability of staff.

Staff / Faculty / Illinois Tech Research Groups

Faculty involved with time sensitive research projects may contact the Idea Shop with their inquires. You will be informed via email if your job has been accepted for processing and given a rough time estimate. An additional fee may be assessed to cover labor costs.

All other individuals will be required to wait until the Idea Shop is once again accessible in person.

If you have questions on whether the Idea Shop is able to assist you via remote file submissions please reach out to us via email.

Project Consultation

Due to limited shop access, we will now offer online consultations to advise students on projects. You can contact us by email (most reliable) or give us a call.

  • Idea Shop email: ideashop[at]iit[dot]edu
  • Idea Shop phone number: (312)567-3095

COVID-19 Email Communications

Log of Emails from the Idea Shop regarding COVID-19 measures: