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Before the ShopSabre is ready to run, there are a few steps that must be taken in order to safely operate it to the best of its abilities. First, with all components of the machine off, secure your material to the spoil board. Line up the your material on the northeast corner of the spoil board, to get as close to the machine home as possible. Next, make sure all the tools you will be using in your job are in the correct holders on the machine. Make sure the compressor is on in order to supply air to the machine. It requires at least 100 psi to run, which can be checked by the gauge on the airline next to the machine. Once the machine has enough air pressure, the wooden block can be removed. Next, ensure that the power to the spindle is turned off. Power to the spindle is controlled by the large electrical power box above the ShopSabre Computer. After making sure spindle power is off, select the home button on the machine. You can now use the computer to manually move the spindle to home in the X, Y, and Z directions. Once you have homed the machine, you may now turn on power to the spindle. With power now supplied to the spindle, select the warmup button on the computer. The spindle will move to the middle of the table and begin to spin. Place an orange cone at the spindle home so passersby know not to be there when the machine finishes warming up and returns to home. After warming up, the machine is ready to run the generated G-Code. Have a staff member double check that all of these steps have been done correctly before beginning to run the machine.