Basic Commands

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Here is a list of basic commands you may find helpful while either creating a CAD drawing or fitting your drawing into our laser bed. To use a command, simply type it! To stop a command, press ESC.

Object Creation

  • Line - Click to create lines! Once dragging in the direction you want, you can type in the desired length,
  • Circle - Creates a circle! Once choosing the midpoint you can either drag the radius, or type in the desired radius.
  • Rectangle - Creates a rectangle! Once choosing the first corner, you can either drag for the opposite corner or type in the desired length, measured across diagonally from the initial point.

Object Manipulation

  • Move - Moves an object!
  • Copy - Creates a copy of any object. Once choosing your object, pick a base point and begin placing the copies as needed.
  • Scale - Choose your object and base point, then type in the factor by which you want to scale (for example, 2 results in twice the size). You can click Reference to choose a specific line segment that you already know the length of to scale an entire object. Common scale factors include:
    • From mm to inch use 0.03937
    • From inch to mm use 25.4
  • Rotate - Rotates an object. After choosing a base point to rotate about, type in the desired angle (positive is counter-clockwise).
  • Dimension - Pick a beginning and endpoint. The resulting object now shows the length of this line segment. For our computers, all measurements are in inches.
  • Trim - First select a border, or boundary, of the trim. Hit enter, then trim away desired objects.
  • Explode - Breaks objects into individual line segments.
  • Join - Connects touching line segments (if it doesn't work, check that they are touching.)
  • Overkill - If two lines overlap, deletes one of the overlapping segments.
  • Copybase - Changes the base to a desired point.

  • Dupfaceborder - If you have a square, makes the side profile - Rhino only