Additional Hours

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Request Information

Faculty or staff may request that the Idea Shop open outside of normal operating hours, by providing the following information;

  • a brief explanation of why the specified tasks cannot be completed during normal operating hours,
  • tasks / activities to be completed,
  • any tool or machine use which may be required,
  • number of expected users,
  • and date(s) / hour(s) requested.

The department requesting extra hours is responsible for covering the hourly cost of any Idea Shop employees required to accommodate the request, including overtime hours.

Requests should be made at least fourteen (14) calendar days in advance via email to ideashop[at]iit[dot]edu.

Staffing Requirements

The Idea Shop must be staffed in accordance with current Idea Shop Safety Policies. Specifically:

  • Grainger Maker Space, KI 127, access requires the presence of an Idea Shop Full-Time-Employee (FTE).
  • Janet & Craig Duchossois Idea Shop (aka Assembly Area), KI 116, access requires the presence of an Idea Shop student employee.
  • The Idea Shop staff to user ratio must comply with normal operating standards.
Ex: One (1) Idea Shop staff per seven (7) users in the Maker Space.


All requests will be reviewed by the Idea Shop Lab Manager in coordination with applicable Kaplan Institute staff.

Requests will be approved or denied based on:

  • documentation provided,
  • Idea Shop staff availability,
  • Kaplan Institute hours / event schedules

The requestor will be notified within one (1) week of the initial request as to the status / outcome of the request via email.